ISBN: 9780451462190

My first encounter with this series.

Like it for several reasons:

  • It’s a well thought-out amalgamation of Fantasy (i.e. Vampires) with Military Scifi.
  • Believable plot
  • Picking this series, without starting with the first, still gave me enough background and context that I could follow the preceding plot easily. And the author didn’t get into a re-hash of what went on before. All that came in context along the way.
  • The military/ fire-fight scenes were part of the plot development, rather than being presented for the sake of action.
  • Realistic battles and use of modern weaponry. Yet there’s the fantastic element, like several classes of enhanced super-soldiers called “Cats”, “Wolves” and “Bears”. Over the development of the story, I slowly got a sense of what they were. Which was much better than if I were told outright (would’ve lost all elements of discovery for this reader!)

It’s 50 years after the 2022 takeover of Earth by the Kurian Order. Valentine undertakes a mission. Along the way, he joins up with two resistance forces. One of which was the band led by a mysterious Adler, who turns out to be a (oops, plot-spoiler!)

Apparently the Kurian Lords controlled alien creatures like Grogs, Big Mouths and the dreaded Reapers (i.e. Vampire-like super creatures mentally controlled by Kurian Lords). That’s how they controlled the human population.

The ‘Good Vs. Evil’ aspect of Kurian Lords Vs. Lifeweavers wasn’t too cliche. Though at the back of my mind, I wondered if this “balance” was a bit too convenient. And also how wooden bullets could be fashioned out of “Quickwood”, which was the only effective ammunition that could kill a Reaper. But it was just a minor thought and actually they served to provide some familiarity to an otherwise fantastic plot.

Found this site that tells more about the series: