ISBN: 9781563899423

Collection of issues one to five.

We’re introduced to characters like Bigby Wolf (reformed terror; skilled in war and now working as a detective), Snow White (mayor of Fabletown), Prince Charming (a cad and cheat of women), Rose Red (Snow White’s wilful sister), Jack of the Beanstalk fame (a dreamer and bum in this series).

Bigby has to solve the disappearance, and apparent murder, of Rose Red. Jack is the prime suspect, along with Blue Beard and even Snow White. Nearer the end, we’re also told of how the Fables came to be refugees (the Emperor in their original medieval-like story land seeks to conquer them all with his army). In the end, Bigby solves the mystery (minor spoiler: no one’s dead, and the whole ruse had to do with marriage contract). Hint of Bigby and Snow’s romance.

An additional short story, “A wolf in the fold”. An alternate-history, if you will, of about how Bigby Wolf (Big Bad Wolf) met Snow White, escaping from the Emperor/ the Adversary.

Very good stuff.