P7. Write-up on Craig DeLancey. Philosopher and Scifi novelist. “… Science fiction has its own special purview, the sense of wonder. I think a great science fiction story, in addition to being entertaining, would instill a sense of wonder because that’s a good thing: it inspires us and motivates us.”

P26. “Futuropolis: How NASA plans to create a permanent presence on the moon” by Michael Carroll. Fact article on NASA plans and current initiatives. e.g. testing of habitat modules. Ultimately the goal is to have manned missions to Mars. And the way to Mars is to launch from the moon. Designing, production and testing of equipment is vastly different on Earth Vs. on the moon.

p69. “Attack of the Grub-eaters” by Richard A. Lovett. Story is told from “IRC-like” online chat conversations. From discovery of the alien grubs to their threat and them being destroyed. Plot twist comes when the story ends with another user signs in and inadvertently points out he (unknowingly) also has alien grubs.

The Reference Library. Don Sakers highly recommends “The Walls of the Universe” by Paul Melko.