ISBN: 0785119027

Marvel characters in Alternate Histories.

Hector Espejo, a teenager/ hacker/ computer whiz, taps onto an alternate Internet from an alternate dimension. Browses this alternate Internet and discovers the Marvel superheroes with very different histories. But the essential good-over-evil outcomes still manifest themselves.

The Fantastic Four were USSR cosmonauts, manipulated by Stalin and Krushchev.

Prince Namor of Atlantis was brought up by his father, rather than his mother, and on land.

Captain America was born and made in the US Civil War, rather than in WWII.

The Daredevil born in Feudal Japan rather than modern US.

Wolverine didn’t join the X-men but ended up as a self-styled Punisher in Prohibition Chicago, after having his hand forced by Scarface (killed his family).

Thor was forced to serve as the Herald of Galactus.