ISBN: 0321502671

P375. Chpt 13 “Creating music with GarageBand”
Create project
Explore tracks and regions: real & software instruments
Recording new software instrument: on screen keyboard, musical typing, connecting MIDI, cycle a region, Arrange Track view (Track > Show Arrange Track), multiple takes, change track instrument.

Real instruments: connecting, adding, preferences settings, record short take, mix and effects.

P397. Understanding basic mixing.
Save as bak. Play. Check tempo, loudness of parts, even and finished, (it’s almost like explaining how to tell if a painting is done), impression of unmixed song.
Tempo slider, track mixer.

Vol slider: default is 0.
Level meters: avg level, peak level, clipping. Sticky – will stick and show peak.

Green to Yellow is safe. Red is clipping.
Pan wheel.

P240. “adjusting track volume is like adjusting water temperature in a sink with separate cold and hot controls. If you’re running both hot and cold water, and you want to make the overall temperature hotter, you can turn down the cold instead of turning up the hot. The same goes for volume — instead of making a track louder to hear it better, you might need to turn down the other tracks a bit.”

Export (compression).

P2409. Evaluate the song’s Output Level. Use master output vol slider to raise or lower the vol as needed.
* not to use auto-loudness setting.