“green edition”

P28. “The future of Singapore’s energy industry”/ Alphonsus Chen. Entrepreneur Quek Yeow Hui spent $50,000 to import and install a small wind turbine at a Marine Terrace rooftop. NEA reported as saying low wind speeds in tropical regions make it economical to harness wind on a large scale. Dr. Jiang Fan from Singapore Polytechnic suggests coastlines and rooftops of high-rise buildings may have sufficient speeds. Singapore power plants burns the cleaner natural gas (phased out heavy fuel oil). Power grid is supported by burning of domestic refuse to power steam turbines. Also mentions other Green initiatives (some more successful than others) like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) taxis. Concludes that Singapore is unable to change overnight from an economy reliant on oil.

P46. A Nepali village (Pulimarang) powered by solar.