Cited in Robert J. Sawyer’s “Wake” (part I of IV), “The Origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind” by Julian Jaynes. (is there such a book?)

Tom Easton Science Fact article, “The 3D Trainwreck: How 3D printing will shake up manufacturing” p50-63. On 3D-printing technologies, history, overview of how it works, applications (industry rapid prototyping, home application), costs, direction. He suggests affordability and availability of 3D printing technology will spell the doom for many small to medium sized manufacturing companies. But that with it will also mean new needs and business opportunities (doesn’t suggest any definitive apps though).

Tom Easton recommends:

  • ISBN 9780765316448 the stars down under
  • The one right thing, bruce corville ISBN 9781886778726 YA book

Letter in response to Schmidt’s column where he mentions Web 2.0. Longer elaboration of web 2.0 by letter writer, prof of IT monroe college, john F. McMullen

I learned that David Palmer’s Emergence series “Candy Foster” was written 10 years ago. woah!