Stanley Schmidt’s editorial P6.

“To live successfully among other people, individuals must learn early to get beyond, “It’s all about me.” To live successfully with the rest of the world we depend on, our species must soon learn to get beyond, “It’s all about us.”

P38. Follow the Nanobrick Road/ Edward M. Lerner. On nanotechnology; private and govt research and business. National Nanotechnology Initiative ( has spent 6.5 billions dollars over five years. Proposes a nanotechnology roadmap. Uncontrolled “Replicator Nanotech” scenario is “outdated” and unlikely to occur. But safety level of Nanotech yet to be determined. Industry largely self-regulating so far. US Environment Protection Agency now regulates nanoscale silver particles used in some washing machines released to kill bacteria. Nanotech has potential to create defect-free materials (e.g. Steel/ copper) which will mean less raw material required for current capacity (e.g. Increased strength without increase in weight).
Further readings:

Seems lots of Military-tech stories in this issue:

  • Once in a Blue Moon/ William Gleason (dueling mechanized armoured suits)
  • Invasion of the Pattern Snatchers/ David W. Goldman (hostile covert military infiltration of another civilisation)
  • Tracking (part 2 of 3)/ David R. Palmer (Candy Smith-Foster, Homo post Hominem, teenager or even pre-teen, ala Nikita battling fanatical terrorists). Must read parts 1 (aug 08) and 3 (oct 08)