Concluding chapter for David R. Palmer’s Tracking (from Part 3 of Sept 08 issue), i.e. How the Katana-wielding “Intrepid Special-Ops Girl” Candy Smith-Foster saves the Homo post Hominem world. She can invoke her super-strength and combat skills (“Shazam!”). Combined with her being only 14 years old, where no one suspects she’s trained in the deadly art of warfare, she rescues her father and a group of Homo post Hominem youngster from a racist and genocidial cult.

P71. John G. Cramer’s article on tracing one’s ancestors using DNA analysis.

Recommendations from ‘The Reference Library’ (Tom Easton):

  • Galaxy Blues, Allen Steele, ISBN 9780441015641.
  • Grease Monkey, Tim Eldred ISBN 978765313263.
  • The Other Roosevelts, Mike Resnick ISBN 978596061378.