ISBN: 0470197390

One-third through the book, I wondered how many of the blogs featured were already in my feed?

Recurring themes:

  • Writing well
  • Write what you are passionate about
  • Have a focus/ mission/ purpose/ theme (not necessary being narrow per se, I think it’s about consistency in the content that’s blogged)

P55. (Librarians would be interested in The interview with Teleread blog)

P63 PostSecret

P148 on duplicate content and search engines (ooh, I wasn’t aware of that!)

151 deborah peterson: her least favored aspect of blogging is that few ppl leave comments. “only a fraction of those who visit blogs leave comments. It’s every Blogger’s complaint.”

P187 chris grant: joystiq “the secret to (blogging) success is consistency and quality”.

P197 scott McNulty’s (TUAW) advice (when Bloggers wonder why isn’t anyone commenting on their blogs): “… It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s the same as everything else: If you work hard and stick to It,s eventually you’ll grow your audience. People will start commenting, a little community will grow, and from there, (you) just keep it going.”

He adds: “Blogging is a public discourse… don’t write anything that you wouldn’t say to someone face-to-face. So take accountability for your actions and never be ashamed of anything you write. The best way to accomplish that is to think about it before you write.”

P200 “blog for readers, not to get readers”

p204 “don’t think of increasing traffic. If that’s your main goal,you’ve already lost sight of what’s important. Rather think about what things in life are interesting to you and others, and so on. You should watch your traffic stats every once in a while because it’s a form of feedback, but you shouldn’t start your morning by brainstorming, “what content might really take off today?”” philip lenssen. Google