ISBN: 0785116613

Interesting premise: group of relatively unknown Supers sign up to be part of a reality TV show. They go around defeating other evil Supers in small town America.

Nice character development (more of their individual personal angsts are revealed as the story unfolds. esp. the part where they battle some evil sentient andriods).

Nova (I think the same character featured here too): “human rocket”.

Namorita: Half-human half-Atlantean.

Night Trasher: Defacto leader of the band; gadgetry superhero. He formed the team and signed on the reality-TV show as a way to save his foundation from bankruptcy. How it got to that stage is related to the father of Microbe.

Speedball: Hyper-kinetic sponge who can absorb punishment and literally bounces back.

Microbe: Germ Empath; he talks to germs! Shy and lacking in self-confidence.

Debrii: She’s introduced to their team by the show producer, as a way to introduce internal conflict and spice up the action.

Nice read. Interesting plot. Funny dialog. Believable characters.

I’ll certainly want to read more.