NLB Call No.: R 025.0028567 LL
ISBN: 9781440473845


  • The liblog landscape
  • How many posts?
  • How long?
  • Conversations
  • Getting the picture
  • Patterns of change
  • Correlations
  • The 2006 – 2008 landscape
  • Subgroups
  • Visibility
  • Liblogs and the larger blogosphere
  • Liblog profiles

P5 uses Quintiles in looking at metrics. Quintiles break a population down to five groups, ideally of equal size.

Employed 22 quantitative metrics:

  • Age of blog
  • No. Of posts mar-may 07
  • Total length of posts mar-may 07
  • Avg post length in mar-may 07
  • No of comments mar-may 07
  • Comments per post mar-may07
  • No of illustrations/ figures in mar-may 07
  • Figures per post in mar-may 07
  • The seven metrics above for mar-may 08
  • The percentage changes in the seven metrics from mar-may 07 and mar-may 08

On how he chose the blogs (admits it is not possible to be comprehensive).
English speaking blogs.
607 liblogs
230 or 37.9% use wordpress, 222 or 36.6% use Blogger, 35 or 5.8% use typepad

401 or 66.1% use full names, 95 or 15.7% were group authorship, 111 or 18% have “some mystery about their authorship”.

176 or 29% affiliated with academic library, 102 or 16.8% PL, 26 or 4.3% law library or librarian.

24% US, 9.2% canada, 5.3% UK, 3.5% australia (one each from Chile, Iran, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand)

Longest blogs in 2008 (in middle)
blogs with essay-length posts (me! )

Explains why Mar-may p13
(Frequency, changes)

P120 Liblogs and blogs have fewer posts now than a year ago, Liblogs are doing much better than blogs as a whole.

[It surprised me to find my library-related blog included in the list of blogs with “most comments” in 2008. The highest was 1,219 by Annoyed Librarian and lowest was 65 by Infodoodads].

Defines something called Conversational Intensity “number of comments per post”. Again, surprised me to find my RamblingLibrarian there (2.6, 3rd lowest, vs annoyed librarian’s 53). Those that are growing in conversational Intensity – lauren’s library blog at a whopping 887% (mine wasn’t there.)

Admits the survey is heavy on numbers. But written in direct and accessible manner. Skimming through, I got the gist.

Walt Crawford blogs at Walt At Random and writes/ publishes Cites & Insights.