ISBN: 1563896818

Three stories set in the Depression (fourth titled “Reqieum” more of a blurb, based on fact).

Sanctum – Pinch Pleatnik, who finds himself becoming a non-person. Started with an obituary which printed his name by mistake, to losing his job and getting evicted.

The power – Morris has the power to heal people but fails to heal his own (illegitimate) child.

Mortal combat – Herman meets Hilda (both are librarians, but stereotypical). Herman devotes his life to looking after his mother and so does Hilda. Mother doesn’t want Herman to marry. Hilda confronts the mother. Herman and Hilda gets married. Herman’s mother is Bedridden. One day she blows up the house (with all three in there), presumably becoming she can’t stand the fact she lost her son.