ISBN: 140121150X

For mature readers. Course language. Violence.

Desolation Jones is ex-spook, living in LA. Which is supposed to be an open prison for ex-spies and/ or human bio-experiments (like a woman who was supposed to give off irresistible pheromone).

story doesn’t quite give details what are Jones abilities or the experiment that was done on him, other than keeping him awake for a year and constantly commanding him mind with violence.

Plot: jones is hired by retired military senior officer who claims his hitler porn reels have been stolen and he’s being blackmailed. hires jones to recover the reels. Plot thickens with revelation of the colonel’s daughters, who seem to have secrets of their own.

Turns out jones was set up to take out the colonel for what he did at a place called temple farm.

Complicated plot, but well told.