ISBN: 0563487712

“The UK’s first democratically edited book”

Most entries seem to be written tongue-in-cheek. E.g. P54. Tattoos with a purpose, where the norm would be to identify yourself with tattoos. But implied is something more sinister, where bone tattoo is a means of identifying corpses against “illegal cremations”.

Sombre ones has an 1984 Orwellian undertone, like p 34. A Day in the Life of a 2020 GP (submitted by Dr. Trisha Macnair), where euthanasia is routine, and medical equipment help perform much of the medical diagnoses, freeing doctors to attend online lecturers (the author seem to wistfully hope for a change to the current 21st century workload, perhaps).

Seems that most view the future as like warning hazard sign.

“This book was Douglas Adams’ idea. He knew trying to predict the Future is a mug’s games, but he wrote that it is ‘increasingly a game we all have to play. The world is changing so fast… we need to have some sort of idea what the Future is actually going to have to live there,s probably next week.’

Started with collection of ideas at Douglas Adams’ hitchhiker’s website. The BBC took over after his death. People could submit specific predictions for the year 20120. (now redirected to; last accessed 5 Jun 09) Entries, collected over five months, are rated. About 75 entries selected.

Topics range from social norms, to lifestyles, to the UK economy and politics.