ISBN: 0785128581

The White Event.

Four people suddenly discover they have been endowed with superhuman powers:

  • Asian-american Teenag girl Izanimi, into Goth and “B-Bop Chinamation”. Has the ability to traverse into a dream-reality.
  • Kenneth Connell, Young man from a small town. Girlfriend is accidentally killed as a result of the spillover effect from the powers being dumped into him (not quite sure what exactly are his powers, but he’s able to stop bullets and create explosions — something to do with the ability to manipulate physical laws)
  • Jenny Swan, young woman who is carrying on her father’s legacy of developing a hi-tech mechanized suit. Her powers enhance her ability to solve mathematical and technical complexities (she incidentally works for the very organisation out to exterminate these superhumans)
  • John Tensen, a police detective who’s been mortally wounded in the line of duty. He now sees instantly all the wrongs people have done in their lives. Executes people on sight. Somewhat a fanatic. Goes on a killing spree.
  • Emmett Proudhawk, a native american living in an Indian reservation. He’s subtly introduced into the plot. Finds his powers to receive visions have been enhanced.

To spice up things, there’s a covert organisation whose sole purpose is to destroy all superbeings. Follows a protocol, where assassinations are to be initiated when three or more of such superbeings get together.

This collection ends with Izanimi and Kenneth meeting up.

Very nice.

Another winner from Warren Eliis.