ISBN: 0441011187

Anthology of High-tech crimes, or detective mysteries set in a technological future. Each story is preceded by a blurb on the author (good resource for pointing to more SciFi related works).

The dog said bow-wow/ Michael Swanwick
A futuristic con-job. humans are routinely transplanted into non-human forms. Author website

A scraping at the bones/ Algis Budrys
A cop trying to solve a murder in an apartment building. Set in a society where living space is a scarce resource, and worth killing for.

The retrieval artist/ Kristine Kathryn Rusch
A retrieval specialist, who sniffs out the location and identities of those who assumed new identities. Daughter of a business mogul wants to search for the mother and sister. A plot within a plot. Cloning, alien cultures who resolve vendettas with blood debts. Turns out she’s a clone and used to be male. Wants her mother and sister located so that the line Wygins can capture them for an earlier blood debt.

“Repent, Harlequin!” said the Ticktockman/ Harlan Ellison
A story of civil disobedience set in a future where everything and everybody runs like clockwork. Routines are fixed and even death is determined by a central body (executed by the Ticktockman).

Time bum/ C. M. Kornbluth
Time traveler who gets discovered and caught for traveling back in time. Subtly of the Time Police convincing the people of current time that nothing is out of whack, while apprehending the criminal.
(blurb says Kornbluth’s “The complete short fiction of C. M. Kornbluth” is a must-have for serious SciFi readers)

Mercurial/ Kim Stanley Robinson
Solving a murder on a distant planet. Faked Monet paintings.

Taking the piss/ Brian Stableford
People hiring out themselves as drug-producing factories, where engineered viruses are introduced to the bladder (hence, taking the piss) and the manufactured chemicals produced as urine. Protagonist is body-snatched, slowly discovering he’s suddenly a national resource (potential anti-cancer drug).

Death of reason/ Tony Daniel
Lone cop (decked out with all sorts of fancy and lethal cybernetic weaponry) trying to out-wit and bring down corrupt officials and the Mafia. Set in a gritty hi-tech state of Alabama, where the Mafia is a collective consciousness, co-opting people into giving up their individuality (Daniels’ latest book cited was Metaplanetary).