ISBN: 0756401291
“10 all-original tales of the many possible ways in which conflict may be carried out, resolved, or avoided in the future”.

Bifrost crossing/ Barry B. Longyear.
A dying hallucination of a soldier in a future war with aliens.

About the author: Hugo & Nebula winner. Novella “Enemy Mine”, made into movie 1985. Also written for TV series Alien Nation.

Faith on ice/ James H. Cobb.
Perspective of a Skimmer pilot and co-pilot (who is revealed to be an AI).

About the author: Amanda Garrett techno-thrillers (Choosers of the slain, Sea Strike, Sea Fighter, Target Lock) and Kevin Pulaski suspense mystery series (West on 66).

Sparks in a cold war/ Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Illegal hunting party. One of the tourist turns out to be a sabotuer intent on sparking a war (deliberately killing a native sentient — the Cuiesto). The expedition leader, Bryer, surrenders himself in the end to avoid a war from escalating.

About author: Locus Award for best short fiction – The Gallery of His Dreams. Written several Star Trek novels with husband Dean Wesley Smith. Crossover series New Earth. Former editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Runs Pulphouse Publishing (still?)

Los Ninos/ William H. Keith, Jr.
Space Marine strike force hitting out on alien facility. Turns out the particular group of aliens they fought were children. Protagonist wonders if the real enemies were aliens or the bureaucrats.

About the author: wrote 60 over novels about men at war. Pseudonym H. Jay Riker – SEALS: The Warrior Breed series, a family saga spanning the history of The Navy UDT and SEALS from WWII to present day. As Ian Douglas – military SciFi series about U.S. Marines in the future in combat on the moon and Mars. Appears in anthologies like First to Fight II, Alternate Gettyburgs, Silicon Dreams.

An admiral’s obession/ Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch.
Threat from a long-thought extinct alien virus. MCT technology (Mass and Communication Transference).

Ranger/ Bill Fawcett.
U.S. Ranger team sent in as a show of force against a Middle East religious fanatic. Not quite an assassination but a deliberate show of “we could’ve killed you but chose not to” and discredits the enemy’s sway and credibility among the populace. Use of various non-lethal weapons.

About the author: has been a professor, teacher, corporate executive, college dean, game designer, author, agent, book packager. Designed board games including Charles Roberts award winners like Empire Builder and Sanctuary. Works include Authorized Mycroft Holmes novels, the Madame Vernet Investigates series, Making Contact, It Seemed Like A Good Idea, Great Historical Fiascos, Hunters and Shooters, The Teams (last two oral histories of the SEALs in Vietnam).

The Vacation/ Ron Collins.
A mother comes to peace over the loss of her son in an interstellar war, after the alien native explains how he was saved by an earth soldier.

About the author: stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies like Dragon, Return of the Dinosaurs, Mob Magic, Flights of Fiction, Writers of the Future.

On the surface/ Robert J. Sawyer.
The Morlocks (from H. G. well’s Time Machine) discover how to work the time machine and travel to a future, exterminates the dominant crab-like species.

About the author: works include The Terminal Experiment, Starplex, Frameshift, Factoring Humanity (all Hugo finalists), Humans.

Air infantry/ R. J. Pineiro.
Perspective of a all-terrain all-weapons super-soldier, advanced Fly-by-Thought technology. Fighting against alien invaders called Homis. Shot down and saved by a guerrilla band. Fights his way to safety with the band led by a woman named Nizima.

About the author: written techno-thrillers like Ultimatum, Retribution, Breakthrough, Exposure, Shutdown. Millennium thrillers 01-01-00 and Y2K.

Toy soldiers/ Robin Wayne Bailey.
Protagonist Thompson Eppers is a elite soldier-spy. He is part of the earth delegation to Kanamaran to negotiate a truce (the former being the victor). Discovers a band of children, offsprings of the original earth settlers who have deliberately made themselves to stay in the size of a child.

About the author: novels include Brothers of the Dragon series, Shadowdance, the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser novels including Swords Against the Shadowland. Works have appeared in science fiction and fantasy anthologies and magazines like Far Frontiers, Spell Fantastic.