ISBN: 055329461X

Like Steampunk. But not quite.
The novel seems to start out slow.
Also seems more like Bruce Sterling than Gibson’s style.

Difference Engine – Victorian-era computer invented by Charles Babbage.

Alternate history, citing elements from historical events and characters – e.g. P 39 mentions Andrew Jackson “became president for a while”. Britain is a global superpower and Japan a backwater.

Sets in a world where science was still bordering on factual discoveries and unproven hear-says and quack remedies (people were surprised that cholera was a result of contaminated water); where women were still an inferior class. Many of such inferences pepper the book.

Mallory finds himself a mysterious box of cards. Meets Oliphant. There is a drawn out battle.

P226. Mallory uses a french-letter; a Victorian-era condom made of sheep’s gut.

Last chapter are what seems like essays or chronological summaries of the major events in the novel.

Hmm… I didn’t enjoy this novel. Confusing to following.