ISBN: 1563899671

The Reaper is another vigilante in Gotham City who targets criminals. But unlike Batman, the Reaper is out to kill.

Batman teams up with the crime bosses to fight the Reaper. He is ironically paired with a hitman, Joe Chill, whom Batman recognises as the man who shot and murdered his parents. Batman apparently has kept the gun and the story sets it up to keep you wondering if Batman would shoot Joe Chill with the same gun (of course it’s easy to guess what Batman will or won’t do).

Then a sub-plot: the Reaper dies but his identity is revived by the son of Joe Chill. And he is out to seek revenge on Batman.

To boggle your mind further, Joe Chill’s Son has his son with him, he later thinks Batman killed his father. Another love interest for Batman explored here (daughter of the Reaper). Robin plays a bit role here.