ISBN: 1401209998

“Suggested for mature readers”

Weird. Very weird, plot-wise and characters.

Flex Mentallo (the skinny guy featured in 70s comic ads, who became brawny and beat up the beefcake who kicked sand — flex’s special power is to be able to flex his muscles and make things happen). A schizo lady who does not seem to have any special powers. A Dr. Xavier-like character, wheelchair-bound but with beard and hair. A sentient street named Danny.

Stories featured:

  • Musclebound: the secret origin of flex mentallo (involving a conspiracy within the Pentagon, a secret chamber/ construct called the Anthill, and Flex trying to make the Pentagon to become physically a circle)
  • Anyhow stories
  • Voices
  • The beard hunter (a psychopath fixated on killing people with beards)
  • Aftermath
  • The world, the flesh, and the devil
  • Entertaining Mr. Evans
  • Death in venice
  • Tales of Hofmann

Those who like off-beat stuff may find the works in this series interesting.