ISBN: 0786856319

“Imagination + engineers”.

Such a cool concept. First heard about this in Randy Pausch’s book and presentation.

Anecdotes and reflections by the creative people and people who manage them.

One conclusion from the short reflective pieces to notes is that there’s no formula or short cut. It takes time, attitude, organisational gumption, and passionate people (sometimes succeeding in spite of the organisation). See karen coolly armitage p30 – 38 how her experience with horse riding and dressage and how it relates to managing creative people.

And I thought to myself: “The key to my own success is to treat myself, my work, less seriously. Don’t confuse responsibility and conscientiousness with seriousness”.

Willingness to let go of onward ideas and think of outcomes. There are many paths to similar results.

Seriousness, to me, implies ego and pride.