ISBN: 0441005667

Haldeman clarifies that this is not a sequel to Forever War.

The year 2043 A.D.

War may be fought differently but war is still war. people still die, even if they are Soldierboys.

The setting is entirely on earth (no mention of humanity’s interstellar war with the Taurans).

Theme of VR warfare, augmented military tech. Again, there are echoes of Haldeman’s vietnam combat experience, where a technologically superior nation battles against a less sophisticated one. Nations have become alignment. The haves and have-nots, in this case, Of nanoforges (elaborate).

Novel starts with the patrols of soldierboys – mechanized robots controlled remotely by humans, linked by (jacks).

VR sex, gives Group Think a whole new definition.

The plot revolves around scientists discovering that an upcoming experiment could trigger the end of the world. They try to publish a paper but is thwarted by fanatics who call themselves Enders. The only solution is to “humanise” all of humanity by the Jacking process.

The novel then develops into a race between a group called the Twenty and the Enders.

The former has a scheme to convert humanity into being incapable of aggression. The latter wants to end life on Earth as they believe it was meant to be.

I rate this novel 3.5 out of 5.