ISBN: 9780470180259

As always, the Dummies series are an invaluable guide. Even for me who’ve explored SL, I found this guide useful in giving a systematic approach in areas I may only have a cursory understanding. For beginners, I think it helps those who don’t have the h/w to visually and conceptually understand SL and stuff you can do there. As a trainer, this is a good reference in the parts I may want to cover or emphasise.

Covers the ‘How Tos’ of:
Setting up an account, customising avatars, chat (voice?), starting a business in SL, making real money, expanding your education.

Main chapters: “the meaning of (second) life” p12 covers history and how it came about.

2 – Hardware and s/w requirements and settings. Also SL settings for optimal performance. Down to identifying the source for lags and sudden disconnection from the Grid.

3 – Starting and account, getting about

4 – menus, keyboard mouse controls, creating and using landmarks

5 – customising avatars, objects, building up a persona

6 – communications in SL, chats, message boards.

7 – “getting a social second life”. Groups in SL, joining starting managing, SL events. About Linden Dollars

8 – understanding and managing risks in SL “drawing a line between your First and Second Life”, handling problematic users “residents”

9 – managing SL inventory

10 – SL economy, buying answers selling Linden, earning, stipends

11 – spending and shopping in SL

12 – buying renting land in SL, managing SL properties and unwanted quests

13 – basics of building and constructing stuff in SL (teacher/ student projects?), prims, textures etc.

14 – advanced building skills like scripting (programs for objects, but this was a referral to LSLwiki and opensouce SL

15 – creating clothing and accessories

16 -making poses, gestures, animating (good if you’re making machinima)

17 – on selling things in SL, starting and managing a business in SL

18- “big business” (ibm, toyota) in SL. This chapter is more of informational abduction background content rather than How To. Ideas of how companies can use SL for training, info and support, SL economy –’s/economy_stats.php
top 5 SL business myths (it’s get rich quick, every biz will work, you can’t make any money, capital intensive, SL so empty and large it’s hard to make money), industries with SL presence – IBM, Intel, Sun, Cisco, Sion (auto), Pontiac, mercedes-benz, reuters, showtime, nbc, bbc, nike, reek, playboy (clothing), Tangs

19 – education in SL. Ideas and referrals on how To use SL for ed.
Ohio U, teen grid, pacrimX, globalkids,, universities like MIT

Keyboard shortcuts, controls,

Colour illustrations (most impactful) and clear instructions with screenshots.

Well researched and packaged book.