ISBN: 9781596680937
NLB Call No.: 746.4320207 HAB -[ART]

The cover is a giveaway of the book’s content: a plump little lamb wearing a purple sweater, looking up at an older lamb with the caption “It itches”.

Classified by the publisher as “crafts/ knitting”, this book should really be classed as Humour.

A mix of single-panel cartoons (reminds me of Gary Larson’s style) and short stories/ essays that run from the informative to insightful. Inter-woven with humour.

Some of the humour may not be apparent unless you knit. Like the difference between Continental and English style knitting (I know this because my wife, in trying to teach me how to knit, explained the difference). Or the seemingly universal need by knitters to hoard and accumulate yarn!

Written from a guy’s perspective, the book is pretty refreshing. It’s an easy read too.

Last I checked the NLB catalogue, only one copy was out on loan and one was in-transit (this must have been my copy that I returned). I think there would be more people who would enjoy the book but they might not look for it at the Arts and Craft section.