If you like art books like “The Art of Star Wars”, I’m certain you’d appreciate this one:
ISBN: 1933492279

Futuristic and fantasy world featuring, as the title says — spaceships, cars, pilots of another galaxy.

Nine vehicles, each accompanied with a make-believe (but fantastically believable) background, including the people associated with these fantastic machines:

  • Camarudo
  • Icetrain
  • Sexy Magrella
  • Taooa
  • Djado Fleet
  • Detonator
  • Nembiquarer
  • Galaxion
  • Gravion

Fully coloured illustrations. The entire book is a work of art. I found myself mesmerised by the finished photo-realistic works. Along the way, Daniel Simon explains how he brings his works from mere ideas to the finished stage, through photos (e.g. outdoor shoots), drafts and sketches.

“Extras” include: Behind The Scenes, Author’s Biography (which is an inspiration in itself).