Analog magazine Jan-Feb 2008

p4. Editorial by Stanley Schmidt. On the trend of TV shows showing a preview, before a commercial break, of what’s to come. And then after the show resumes, there’s a recap of where the show left off prior to the break. Suggests this might reflect an epidemic of short attention span, real (of society) and/ or perceived (by content producers). And that consequences are that TV/ radio content is further diluted; leading to even shorter attention span. Worse is that people become unwilling or unable to spend time reflecting on important real world issues. He ends by posing a question for the reader to think of how the same people who aren’t willing to reflect deeper and have tendency to respond based on condensed info, but yet have the ability to vote.

P60. Tom Ligon gives an update on the “world’s simplest fusion reactor”. Describes the series of experimental models (with photos of two models) to create clean fusion energy. Concludes by saying the final results by Dr. Robert W. Bussard and team, are useful enough for others to examine for themselves on the viability of the technology. Ligon feels it can, and in relatively affordable terms.

P198. The

P237 – 238. The index to 2007 issues.

p226. Tom Easton recommends Charles Stross’ The Merchant War, Michael Swanwick’s The Dog Says Bow-Wow, Bruce Boston’s The Gardener’s Tale, non-fiction texts reviewed: Rumors of War and Infernal Machines: Technomilitary Agenda-Setting in American and British Speculative Fiction, Charles E. Gannon, Rowman & Littlefield.