I was attracted to this seemingly plain cover. It showed a photo, with a bunch of people. And when you look closely, they’re superheroes.
ISBN: 1401204600


Not exactly S.E. Hinton (but maybe there’s a link…)

This group of superheroes call themselves the Outsiders because clearly, they are operating outside of the law (I think they are like the grown-up Teen Titans).

Nightwing (dick grayson, ex-robin), Arsenal (archery whizz; green arrow Oliver Queen’s protege), Jade (green lantern powers), Shift (a metamorph reanimated from fragments of Metamorpo, the element man), “lover of indigo” (she doesn’t have a name, I think — a blue-skinned Fushia haired android girl programmed by Arsenel), Thunder (who can increase her body density; daughter of black lightning who doesn’t wish her to follow his footsteps), Grace (a metahuman with super-strength and angst — this book reveals how she was kidnapped, raped and tortured in a child slavery ring before she discovered her powers), Starfire (princess of an alien planet solar energy).

One man highlight in this graphic novel was how the group discovered and busted a ring of child slavery ring (with help of “America’s Most Wanted” TV host John Walsh)