I borrowed this book because I desperately wanted something to read for my bus journey home (I’m a book-addict!).

But also because I wanted to read something outside my reading comfort zone.

This is Chick-lit meets Fantasy meets Paranormal meets Romance.

NLB Call No.: BAR
ISBN: 9780451223869

Patsy Donahue is a 40-year old single mother of a rebellious teenage son. And she’s a vampire, living in a secret enclave of vampires and werewolves.

Chick-lit: Story is about a woman, a single mother, in modern day US town. She runs a hairdressing salon.

Mini-family drama: She’s divorced from an alcoholic husband, suffers the anguish of an enstranged relationship with her teenaged son.

Romance: She meets this hunk of a guy. Who rescues her time and time again in the novel. But their relationship is complicated by them belonging to different racial classes. Romantic relations between the two are taboo.

Fantasy: She’s a vampire. Her beau is a natural-born Vampire-werewolf (an adbonnimation, it seems). An involuntary one, Turned after being bitten by a vampire. She lives in a village of vampires, protected by werewolves. Her life is in danger as a group of renegade Ancients try to obliterate her to rid themselves of a prophesied Queen to rule them all. Pasty ends up acquiring seven powers effortlessly, like shopping! Except it was for free.

Between chapters, there’s a narration by Raudan, the first of the Ancient vampires, about how he Turned the other original Ancients like Hua Mulan! (I found it weird but interesting that a Asian character is cast in an European paranormal story).

Some parts I found corny at times.

Like this line, when patsy simply got off the couch and commanded to the ghosts — “Only your fears and confusion hold you here,” I said to the ghosts. “if you want freedom, go to the light” — and then the ghosts left. Too easy!

The sex scenes isn’t anything to shout about. Seems like it was written because it was mandatory to include the typical explicit sex acts. They aren’t exactly crude or vulgar (depending on how much of a prude you are) but they aren’t eloquent either.

But I’m not complaining. I managed to read the book cover-to-cover. Plus, it’s my first Chick-lit novel and it turned out to be interesting overall.

The novel is a very straight-forward storytelling. No complicated subplots. Maybe it’s seen as shallow but I think it’s a fun and relaxing read if you want something quick and uncomplicated.

I’d give this a 2.7 out of 5 from me.