Winners of the reader’s poll announced.

Robert Reed writes of ancient kings of modern day Iraq and suggest, in context, that Saddam wasn’t necessarily the worse of them. concludes that the interesting thing wasn’t so much the documented expolits of the lost languages of the Mesopotamian kings preserved in clay tablets (“ancient records of assyria and babylonia” edited by Daniel David Luckenbill, 1927), but the fact they could even be dicphered. He’ll write about how it was done in the Oct 07 issue.

Kim Zimring’s “My heart as dry as dust”.
Twist to the plot was amazingly simple yet so twisty! AIDS vaccine that kills 10% of those who aren’t infected with AIDS. A husband’s revenge against the AIDS vaccine scientist (mentions Singapore as her research office!)

James Van Pelt ( “How music begins”.
A Junior high sch band whisked away by unseen aliens. They think they have to play the perfect music before they are allowed to go home. Band teacher (van pelt is a teacher in real life) tries to make them stay together. Has help from a musical child prodigy in his midst. They do get home but it’s tragic in a sense.

Kit Reed’s “What wolves know”.
An abandoned child. Raised by wolves. Found by his brother. Father turns out to be an SOB. Recurrent theme: Young wolf male in the pack must either leave the pack, or kill the adult male wolf, or be killed. Story ends on that twist.