Entrepreneur Magazine

By American publisher. American focus on small to medium enterprises.
See: entrepreneur.com

Content slanted towards American business practices (e.g. starting a non-profit p114). Good for business ideas and even if I’m not interested in starting a business, I found this useful to expand my understanding of what makes US entrepreneurs tick. Entrepreneurship isn’t about starting a business strictly. It’s a philosophy.

Articles are easy to read. Good editorial work.

The Dec 2006 issue features “the 2007 hot list” – best business, markets, trends and ideas. Magazine also features websites that might interest small business owners.

Some feature articles are just clever ways to do the same thing -P70 www.ice-energy.com – freezing water to ice overnight when electricity rates are cheaper. Then use cooling fans to air into aircon ducts when rates are higher.

p71 – flexible screens
p 80 – predicts the hot trends are organics,
p17 raise money without an IPO
p96 beating sales burnouts

p120 features some people who’ve been laid off in their late 40s to 50s, and how they decided to take up franchise business.

p128 smart ideas
p132. Tips on using ebay features to avoid online fraud