Sheila Williams’ editorial, “Harry Potter and the Future of Reading”.
Describes how she and her daughter queued to be one of the first to buy the book; going-ons in the queue; how her daughter related other books after Harry Potter’s series; how she wasn’t able to participate in plot discussions with her husband and daughter; says reading is alive and well if there are things worth reading.

“Alastair Baffle’s Emporium of Wonders” by Mike Resnick.
Two childhood friends who met at the store; grow old and ends up in a nursing home. Both decide to look for the Emporium of Wonders they used to frequent in their youth. Both have to make a choice if they want to regain their youth from the mysterious conjurer (with a subtle price to pay, in a way).

James Patrick Kelly’s column on the SFWA, its relevance, controversy, elections.

“The Beautiful and Damned By F. Scott Fitzgerald”, by Tanith Lee.
A viral plague (a Symparasic Virus) causes people to reverse their ageing process but the healthier you are, the faster you die from it. Only those with cancer are immune and continue to age naturally. Based on a theme from an earlier story by Scott Fitzgerald.

“The Whale’s Lover, by Deborah Coates.
Hunting a different sort of whale; a Leviathan. Lovely description: “He is huge, but huge is not the right word. Big, large, enormous, giant are words that describe nothing. They are inadequate to the task of description, as if they never had meaning. He is larger than suns, more massive than solar systems, infinite beyond universes. He pauses and looks at her with his giant eye, but he doesn’t want her. She is too small, too broken.

2007 index, and invitations for nominations for the 22nd Annual Reader’s Award.