ISBN: 9780451221353
NLB Call No.: ASH

Enjoyable stuff. A feel-good story.

Four stars out of five from me.

A very nice read over the weekend. It’s not a sophisticated novel. No complicated plot, though the sub-plots are interesting. A “discovery of who the good people really are” and “the baddies get exposed for their nasty selves” type of story.

Plot, in brief:

An ambitious career woman, Holly, finds herself in heaven. Dead in her prime. Heaven decides to send her back to earth for some “unresolved issues”.

Problem #1 – her body has already been embalmed so she was made to occupy the body of soon-to-be-dead person; a colleague in her company.

Problem #2 – the body belongs to a man.

Problem #3 – there was a botch up, for the guy isn’t dead as they thought and now there are two people, of different sexes, occupying the same body.

So now Holly has 2 days to uncover who drugged her and subsequently caused her premature death; a way to find closure with her fiance Todd. The twist comes when she discovers that her boyfriend had been a jerk all along, and the colleagues she despised were the good guys.

The novel (typical paperback thickness, so it’s not a long read) reminds me of the kind of Bridget Jones Diary style — not the diary format but the process of closure, self-acceptance and a little romance thrown in for good measure.