ISBN: 0785119701

Quicksilver, the son of M (Magneto) has lost his powers. Gets beaten up. Spider-man confronts Quicksilver. Then Spider-man is mistaken as having pushed Quicksilver off the roof of a building (it was Quicksilver who jumped).

In comes Quicksilver’s ex-wife. Teleports him to Attilan. Quicksilver steals the terrigen crystals so that his powers can be restored. He doesn’t exactly regain his powers (of speed) but is able to do a Time-travel thingy now. He kills a Attilanian guard in the process of stealing the crystals. Kidnaps his daughter as well (although she left willingly, in a way).

The Attilanians go after him. The U.S. govt also after the crystals. Quicksilver tries to give the powers back to ex-mutants but goes terribly wrong.

Story ends with him going renegade.