ISBN: 0785118179

Superb inking and line renderings.

Madrox is this superhero who can duplicate himself.
Rahne is an irish/ Gaelic woman who turns into a werewolf berserker.
Monet has powers of flight but she has a high-class haughty attitude to match her prowess.
Siryn has powers of seduction with her voice and can shatter glass with her sonic screams.
Rictor (an ex-mutant who’s lost his powers).
Guido, the super strong muscle guy.
Layla (not part of their team), a young girl who “just knows”.

This plot follows the aftermath of the “house of M” where 90 percent of the world’s mutant become powerless.

They are a bunch of detectives and end up protecting other ex-mutants who are threatened by the humans out for blood (just because the ex-mutants look different).

This volume involved the X-factor team unraveling a plot to destroy them.
(I only had time to scribble these quick notes and re-reading them now, I can’t remember the plot. But all I have is this impression that this is a very well-written and illustrated graphic novel. The little girl, Layla, seems to hold some key to the mystery.)