Sheila Williams (editor), writes about the importance she places on new writers. Mentions cover letters, how ultimately the story you submit is the most important. Says thousands are submitted each year but they can only print max 800 stories.

Column by James Patrick Kelly, on a sci-fi genre called Mundane Science Fiction.

“Following the pharmers” by Brian stableford.
A story based on speculation on the wanderlust and homeboy phenomenon. Ending was quite unexpected, in that I thought the guy was going to poison the other woman (he did, in a way, but not resulting in death but in wanderlust).

Tom Purdon – “Sepoy Fidelities” (aliens called the tucfra)

p. 114. “Master of the road to nowhere” by Carol Emshwiller.
Made me wonder what being ‘alien’ meant. About a gp (humans but who choose to live in largely female packs with an alpha female – Grandma -and alpha male – Big Man, where group consensus is all and individuality is taboo).

“On Books” column. Peter Heck recommends Charles Stross’ The Merchants’ War isbn 0765316714. Says series is addictive and leaves fans gritting their teeth while waiting for the next one.
Reprint of Isaac Asimov’s Pebble In The Sky isbn 0765319128. Says he envy those who have not read asimov yet and should read this one and be amazed by it.

New Theories Of Everything. John D. Barrow isbn 0192807212. “… in discussing the laws of nature, he lists all the ways the universe, scientific laws, and God might be able to interact–including the possibility that any or all of the three do not exist. A lot of scientists are ready to dispense with the notion of God; it takes a brave one to look solipsism or chaos in the face and admit that the search for meaning might itself be an illusion.”