ISBN: 006270026X

Full title: “Great Thinkers of the Western World: The Major Ideas and Classic Works of More Than 100 Outstanding Western Philosophers, Physical and Social Scientists, Psychologists, Religious Writers and Theologians”

“the major ideas and classical works of more than 100 outstanding Western philosophers, physical and social scientists, psychologists, religious writers, and theologians”

1992 publication.

Preface acknowledges that “the concentration on Western thinkers is not intended to suggest the thinking of the Eastern world — particularly the contributions of China, India, and Japan — is not also of profound importance… But the editorial decision was made to concentrate on Western thinkers in this book, partly because we were not sure we could competently do both East and West in a single volume and partly because we think that for Western readers it is especially helpful if we first all understand and appreciate the Western ways of thinking”

From Parmenides (c. 515 – c. 450 b.c.) to Albert Camus (b 1913 – 1960)

zeno of elea, hippocrates, plato, aristotle, euclid, epicurus, ptolemy, marcus aurelius (philosopher king!), plotinus, st. Augustine, st. Thomas aquinas, dante alihieri, desiderius erasmus, niccolo machiavelli, nicolas copernicus, thomas more, martin luther, john calvin, st. Theresa of avila, st. John of the cross, francis bacon, galilei galileo, johannes kepler, thomas hobbes, rene descartes, henry more, blaise pascal, george fox (founder of Quaker movement), benedict spinoza, john locke, isaac newton, voltaire, david hume, adam smith, immanuel kant, thomas paine, thomas jefferson, william blake, mary wollstonecraft (women’s rights), friedrich georg wilhelm hegel, ralph waldo emerson, charles darwin, henry david thoreau, karl marx, gregor johann mendel, friedrich nietzsche, sigmund freud, max planck, alfred north whitehead, max weber, carl gustav jung, albert einstein, niels bohr, erwin schrodinger, arnold toynbee, werner heisenberg, karl rahner, jean-paul sartre, albert camus

About 570 pages.