ISBN: 0316346624

Seems to me Malcolm Gladwell is a storyteller before he’s an academic.

He certainly tells a compelling story in Tipping Point. He suggests a model/ theory of how ideas become widespread, how situations can become out of hand or controlled (e.g. Crime)

p253 – “the law of the few says that Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen…”

p238 – interesting ideas & insights into smoking or anti-smoking campaigns. Make it less contagious, or less sticky?

p233 – “smoking was never cool. Smokers are cool” (does that explain blogging too? That people blog bec cool ppl are blogging? That ppl read bec cool ppl read)

p233 – teen smoking is a prob bec. Once teens experiment with it (contagion), they also continue with it (stickiness). [Thinking aloud: In the context of libraries: if we get people to try, the actual product and outcomes must be rewarding too. Which just abouts decribes everything that human beings do willingly.]

p224 – power of “permission-giving” [Thinking aloud: maybe i should just run a series of ads on my blog. “Read. Visit your nearest library. Now.”]

p174 – significance of small & close-knit groups [Thinking aloud: but i felt it was many of such small groups that tipped the scales].