ISBN: 0425199924

Fast paced, action packed. Stereotypical portrayal of hot pilot jocks, but it goes with the territory I suppose.

Pilots of the US Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, flying Black Hawks and Little Birds, calling themselves the Night Stalkers (of the Black Hawk Down fame).

Finale has dueling helicopters; choppers Vs. choppers Vs. Planes.

The plot, in brief:

Terrorists have gotten their hands on a nuclear device. They intend to detonate it. The 160th SOAR fly a series of missions ferrying special forces soldiers into the battle zones. Much of the story is about how they dodge, counter, and survive deadly fire. And how some don’t make it.
Subplot: a woman pilot, Jeanie McCall, with the unit who has to prove that women can successfully serve in the unit, and has to exorcise the ghost of her dead heroic father. A love interest develops between her and another hotshot chopper pilot, Sirosis (who’s downed on a mission and captured and tortured by the terrorists.)

This is no Tom Clancy Techothriller. More like “Rambo flies a chopper” with subplots.

Suspend your belief, ‘cos otherwise you’d be questioning how Black Hawks, even if they are modified and armed, could defeat Hinds and HAVOCs.

But don’t misunderstand. I found it a fun read.

The action and dueling sequences are believable, with enough details to make it authentic but not drown you with too much hardware or chopper mechanics.

It’s entertaining, if you like military fiction.

I enjoyed this and finished this quite quickly.