ISBN: 0785120920

Issues 1 – 10 – a chronology of his appearance, to cameos by the hulk and spider-man.

Silver cape and cowl, with crescent throwing darts and a truncheon.

Infected by a werewolf virus that didn’t turn him into werewolf but gave him superhuman powers that coincided with the phases of the moon which wore off later episodes.

His greatest challenge was dealing with the loss of an Egyptian statue (that supposedly revived him). There’s an explanation by writer Doug Moench about the evolution of the Moon Knight character. Emphasis on his increasingly schizophrenia.

* how moon knight was created (revived from dead, after being pursued by an evil character called Bushman (the Bushman returns in final issue, with the Midnight Man who’s an art collector turned psycho.

* his brother (marc spector’s brother)

* Moon Knight is Steven Grant the millionaire, Marc Spector the mercenary, Jake Lockley the street smart cab driver

* Gena the African American deli owner, with her two sons, Frenchie his helicopter pilot, Crawley the bum who speaks with big words (one issue featured a killer who turns out to be Crawley’s son) and Marlene his lover, sidekick and confidant (she sure seems to get injured a lot but doesn’t seem to be permanently affected!)

* details & schematics of the moon chopper