Singapore's Greatest Comics/ Jerry Hinds (ed.)
NLB Call No.: 741.595957 SIN -[ART]

It’s a good attempt.

Unfortunately, expectations were set too high with the title. If they’d called it “Singapore’s Budding Comics”, then I’d say a resounding “Well Done!”

But to imply that this is the greatest that Singapore comic artists have to show, it’s unfair and inaccurate. I’d hate to say this was the best that Singapore has to show.

It’s a showcase of many different artists and writers (including the editor’s works).

The art work are heavily influenced by other Manga and DC/ Marvel artists. Nothing wrong with that, just that I’m niggling on the “greatest” moniker again.

What I found sorely lacking were the plots of all the different stories. There just wasn’t any plot that engaged me.

There’s only two artists that I’d consider really original in terms of art and storylines. The Mr. Kiasu series and one more I can’t remember (I returned the item before I wrote this). I remember the other one featured the antics of animals… kungfu animals?

As I said, it’s a valiant attempt.

Some of them showed promise.

But I wouldn’t call it “Singapore’s Greatest”.