This is a two-in-one comic.

Both stories portray graphic violence that would warrant a PG rating if this was a movie.

NLB Call No.: 741.5973 REL -[ART]
ISBN: 1401202756

First one is “Reload”, by Warren Ellis (writer), Paul Gulacy (pencils), and Jimmy Palmiotti (inks)

WARNING: Plot spoiler!

President of the United States is assassinated. Killer turns out to be a rogue agent of a clandestine US government outfit. The Secret Service agent in charge of the presidential protective detail goes after her. He uncovers more secrets about the rogue agent (turns out she’s on the good side) and that the mafia is really behind the presidency.


Second one (it starts on the other end of the book) is titled “Mek” (the first in a series of three).
Mek/ Warren Ellis

“Mek” stands for “Mechanized Culture”.

Mek is a fringe culture, tolerated by the authorities. A woman, who’s an advocate of Mek, goes around trying to uncover the mystery behind her friend’s death. Eventually she finds the killer.

The story starts with hints on what Mek is about. More was revealed, as well as the relationship among the key characters.



I liked this one (I’ve not read any work by Warren Ellis that I dislike, so far).