Another two-in-one comic by Warren Ellis (see previous note).

This comic would need a PG-warning label, for graphic violence (for the first one).

741.5973 RED – [ART]
ISBN: 1401202837

First one’s titled “Red”.
Red/ Warren Ellis

“Red” is the codename for a retired CIA killer (i.e. his job was to assassinate whoever the CIA wants to eliminate). The new CIA director orders Red to be terminated. Red fights back. Violently. Goes after the CIA director and his deputy.

It’s not just all guts-and-glory/ violence glorified. There’s great character development. I slowly emphatised with Red. And the ending was like something out of a John Woo movie. Does Red escape? How did he do it?

Go read to find out.

(I think this story will make a good book discussion for older teens).


The second one, “Tokyo Storm Warning” is about some giant human-piloted robots, stationed in Tokyo. The robots appeared in Tokyo one day, with alien controls that were eventually adapted for human use.


At the same instance these machines appeared (three of them), horrific giant monsters (think “Godzilla’s cousins”) also came into the picture. Monsters regularly appear, are defeated, and appear again. They seem to be after something, the power generator, where the three machines are stationed.

Here’s the kicker — which I’ll only reveal at this protected post for my reference, ‘cos this is something you should go read to find out!

Excellent entertainment for a few hours.