p. 37. ‘Science Fact’ article: “Strange croaks and ghastly aspirations” by Henry Honken. On the Click languages of Southern African indigenous tribes., e.g. Khoesan, /Xam, Ju/’hoan.

The roughly six thousand languages now spoken or signed by human beings make use of about two hundred sounds. Of that number at most a score are universal, in the sense that they are found in nearly all the languages…

p. 38 . Table showing the consonant system of English. “Stops”, “Fricatives”, “Nasals”, “Continuants”, “Approximants”.

p. 41. Table showing the consonant system of the Khoekhoegowap. “Clicks” and “Non-clicks”.

p. 42. Table showing examples of the Ju/’hoan vocabulary.

p. 43. Table showing the vowel types in Ju ‘hoan.

p. 74. “Still-hunting” by Sara K. Castle. Story involving sentient polar bears who can communicate with humans, in limited ways. Implied in the story is that laws between humans and bears are established and obeyed.

p.119. “The night of the RFID” by Edward M. Lerner. An extreme case of govt monitoring throught RFID technology. Has a short para on how RFID works.

p. 134. ‘The Reference Library’ by Tom Easton. Highly recommended books include:

“Halting State” by Charles Stross. Mentions cyberwar, Denial Of Service attacks (highlighted example of Eustonia in this PCworld article). Story is about theft in a gamer economy. Gaming economy! Interesting.

“The H-bomb Girl” by stephen Baxter. Recommended as a YA read. Time traveller. Cuban missile crisis.

“The Dreaming Void” by Peter F. Hamilton. “… a massive and intricate opening salvo for Peter F. Hamilton’s new trilogy. Multiple plot threads wrap around a central theme: The galaxy contains an area known as the Void, which doesn not permit human entry…