coverNLB Call No.: 741.5973 ENN [ART]
ISBN: 0785110259

An ‘Origin’ story of Marvel character, The Punisher, aka Frank Castle.

The story takes place during the closing period of the Vietnam War. Shows how Captain Frank Castle slowly slips into being a psychopathic killer. It starts with him deliberately leading a commanding officer (an inept one) to his death, to dishing out his own brand of justice out in the field, and finally losing to his ‘dark side’ in order to survive a final horrendous battle where his firebase was overrun.

It’s a believable plot.

But I’d always thought The Punisher had a more noble background. He’s kinda like a Terrorists against Terrorists. The ending of this story, though, suggests that’s he’s a psychotic killer.

That’s the kind of “grittier” and “realistic” plots that US comics have developed.