First came across Ed Brubaker’s (and Sean Phillip’s) work in “Sleeper“. This one is another solid piece of work where the writing goes. Good artwork too.

ISBN: 1563896702
Ed Brubaker (writer)
Michael Lark (penciller/ inker)
Sean Phillips (inker)

Two stories in this graphic novel (the second one is very short).


Main story is set in contemporary San Francisco (I could tell from the cars parked on steep slopes). Protagonist, Jack Herriman, is a private detective hired by a woman to find her sister who’s missing. Jack finds the person. Supposed to be an open-shut case. But she’s murdered the next day. Jack decides to uncover the truth as to why she was killed. Finds his way to a commune. Finds more clues and something relating to an earlier case of arson. Case gets more complicated and there’s a hint of something else that Jack is implicated somehow (which is revealed in the end — the pieces fit together in the end). The murderer is unveiled, and turns out to be… [sorry, you gotta read it yourself; it’s good stuff]

Second story is a very short piece: Jack goes after a man who absconded from a court case. Gun fired. Bystander gets shot. That’s just the storyline. The deeper story is about Christmas and modern day miracles (I’m being deliberately cryptic).

5 out of 5.

Good stuff.