I found each page beautifully drawn. Gripping storyline as well (Kurt wrote the Astro City series, and he doesn’t disappoint in this one).

In a way, it’s the typical Conan the Barbarian story, with swords and bloodshed, magic and sorcery.
ISBN: 1593075472
Kurt Busiek (writer)
Cary Nord (artist)

In this graphic novel, Conan starts off as an impetuous youth not yet wise to the world. He gets cheated. Then eventually ends up in the City of Thieves, where he hones his craft as a thief. He then steals into the Tower of the Elephant and meets a being with an interesting story to tell.

Last part of the graphic novel is an essay titled “A probable outline of Conan’s career” by P. Schuyler Miller and John D. Clark, PhD. It’s an account, by these two gentleman who were fans of the Conan series, that traces the likely development of Conan as a youth to his elder years, based on Robert E. Howard’s (Conan’s creator) series.

Apparently, Howard didn’t really plan how the Conan stories developed chronologically. John D. Clark wrote to Robert E. Howard (Conan’s creator) in 1935, and he was encouraged by Howard to continue with the outline. John rewrote the outline with Schuyler after Howard’s death in 1936. Pretty good stuff if you want an overview of Conan’s career.

I’d give this 5 out of 5.