NLB Call No.: 741.5 LUT -[ART]

Excellent work. I’d consider this a Contemporary Fiction in graphic novel form.

I started off not quite what to expect and ended up wanting more.

The story is about the lives of Ernie Weiss (a down and out magician), his aging and eccentric mentor Al Flosso, his ex-girl friend Esther (who punched someone in the face and ends up fleeing from the law), a down-and-out con artist, Nathan Lender seeking a better life for his daughter.

Ernie loses his confidence after the death of his brother (in the end you learn why he had this guilt). Al escapes from the home for the aged; hooks up with Ernie. They end up escaping from the landlord and the home.

Esther can’t seem to get over Ernie. She seems to lead a dull life. Nathan Lender cons Esther from some money when he buys coffee from where Esther works. She gets mad. Nathan gets away. Esther punches a guy who makes some disparaging remarks about her. She ends up fleeing the law.

It’s a contemporary drama that develops from seemingly very ordinary people, and unconnected lives and

Made me wonder why Ernie was so hung up about his brother’s death, why he and Esther who were clearly in love of each other but they just couldn’t get together.

And you end up sympathising with Nathan Lender, who chose a life of small cons and yet devotes his life to his precocious daughter.

The clean black & white artwork has this “cartoon-ish realistic”. Well, check it out yourself.

Nice artwork, but the story is what makes you read on.

It’s excellent stuff.