ISBN: 1595328343
NLB Call No.: 741.5952 NIH -[ART]

I normally don’t go for Manga, but was attracted by the rather morbid looking cover.

The story is set in a post-apocalypse world populated by humans and bio-constructs. Humans seem to have retreated several unknown levels down underground cities.

The protagonist named Killy, armed with superhuman reflexes and one very powerful handgun (packs a punch like a space cannon!) goes on an unknown mission, upwards towards the surface.

He seems to be searching for something called “Net Terminal Genes” but its pretty vague why. Seems everyone is searching for it.

The pages are filled with fights against the bioconstructs (cyborgs and assortment of mad machines). At one point, Killy meets some humans. There seems to be some ongoing feud between humans and artificial beings. They seem to want to kill each other species by default. Killy seems to be an exception, killing only when provoked.

Vol 1. ends with Killy continuing his journey upwards.

Unfortunately, the NLB library doesn’t seem to stock the rest of the volumes. Gotta enquire about this.