coverISBN: 156163459X
NLB Call No.: 741.5 KLE – [ART]

The Jewish Mafia.

That’s the main premise of the graphic novel in a sense.

Gangland slaying. Racketeering. Prohibition.

How a young kid got drawn into the lucrative world of crime. And ends up paying for it, with his life.

I’d rate this graphic novel “kid friendly”. I guess if you’ll allow your child to watch “Road to Perdition“, then this is really nothing.

The cover shows a sepia tone scene with men in hats, suits and coats, a car (model?) in the foreground; some men entering a candy store but you get the sense from the picture alone that they’re not there to buy candy.

It’s a graphic novel about gangsters in1930s Brooklyn. You might even say there’s nothing unique about the plot — nice young boy unwittingly enters into a world of crime; he profits from it but in the end the hard hand of the law comes down on them and they all crack. But not any gangsters — Jewish gangsters to be precise.

It’s a nice story. Good pace, interesting characters and character developments. Credible plot, with some level of suspense. The art work has it’s own appeal. Only thing I’d criticise about the art is that at the beginning, I couldn’t tell who was who ‘cos the characters seem to look so alike. But it worked out in the end.

I guess like all crime stories (which is true in life), a life of crime may pay at the beginning but sooner or later, you end up paying a high price for it.

I highly recommend this graphic novel.